About Micol

About Micol

Ever since I learned how to write as a child, I have loved to play with lettering. I was constantly changing my handwriting and developing my own fonts. I later learned calligraphy and studied scribal arts with a Sofer (Hebrew Scribe) in Jerusalem.   I wrote my first Ketubah (Jewish marriage contract) while in college and have been developing as an artist ever since. When I discovered the art of Papercutting, I fell in love! As a self-taught papercut artist, I strive to challenge myself by creating original designs that speak to the medium.

Born and raised in Seattle, Washington, I currently live in Israel where I work from a home studio overlooking the beautiful and historic Judean Hills. I am continually inspired by the nature and beauty of the land.

As a visual artist, what I find most rewarding is partnering with my clients to design one-of-a-kind papercut works of art that are both beautiful and deeply imbued with personal meaning. It is my mission to bring your vision to life.

About the Process

Each one of my papercut designs begins with a hand drawn sketch. Working hours on each drawing, I perfect the design in pencil before transforming it into a papercut work of art. When creating a custom made papercut, I discuss ideas at length with my clients to express their personal vision and style. Using this as inspiration, I then develop the design involving the client as a partner in the process every step of the way. Once the client approves the final design, I delicately cut the papercut by hand from a single sheet of archival paper.

Papercutting requires a skilled hand and a lot of patience to achieve the exquisite look of a hand-crafted piece of art. A folk craft with a rich tradition in Jewish life, the art form of papercutting has experienced a renaissance recently with a wide variety of modern and traditonal motifs. My own papercutting style is constantly evolving as I craft new designs and create each client’s vision.

Check back often for new developments in Micol Designs papercuts!