This original papercut was designed as a special gift from a husband to his wife to celebrate their 20th anniversary.  This design is modeled on the inner beauty of a clock to symbolize the time they spend together and with their family.  Gears of the clock turn in unison to represent the way they both work together in their marriage and as parents.


Within the design are many symbols of their life. The center gear has five spokes for the five members of their immediate family. The three gears below the center circle each have their children’s initials. Olive branches represent L’s role as a devoted mother. Banecha k’shtilei zeitim saviv lashulchanecha, May your children be like olive saplings around your table (Tehilim 128:3).  Olive trees are also a symbol of longevity as they can bear fruit for a thousand years.


L’s love of nature and gardening is highlighted in this design by flowers and leaves woven into the gear motif.  An open Peony represents her nature as an introvert.  This flower is beautiful when closed, and reveals even more inner beauty with each layer of petals that opens to full bloom.  A Carnation symbolizes her hometown.  Her patient and understanding nature are reflected by an Adenium flower. This flower is slow to bloom, requiring much patience to reveal its true beauty.

Jasmine flowers represent L’s modesty, while geraniums highlight her determination. Nestled into the flowers are other symbols of nature and God’s creations: a butterfly, a ladybug, and cat and dog prints. Music notes and a ball of yarn represent her creative wisdom and ability to learn new skills. A ship’s wheel captures the way in which she steers her family in the right direction and a compass points to twelve o’clock as she always know just how to find her true North.




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