What is the difference between a custom papercut design and a semi-custom lasercut?

I find that people are sometimes confused by terms in my business that I take for granted.  Here, I describe them for you so that you can learn the various designs and artwork that I create.  I create custom papercut fine art and ketubahs.  I also offer a line of semi-custom papercuts that can personalized with a quote of your choice.

Custom Papercuts are one-of-a-kind, handmade works of art that I create in partnership with the client.  I work closely with my clients to ensure that my design matches their vision.  This process often involves several drawing drafts to get all the aspects of the design just right.  I truly enjoy bringing people’s visions to life!  Read more of what these happy clients say about the design process here.  And here are some of my recent Custom Designs:

custom papercut  custom papercut


Semi-Custom Papercuts are designed by hand and cut from archival paper using the latest in lasercut technology.  These designs feature a section of the papercut that is left blank for the client to customize with a quote, meaningful text or name.  Sometimes people can envision exactly how they want their customized design to be.  But often they ask me for suggestions for ideas that will be appropriate for the gift they are giving.  I am happy to provide these papercuts at a lower price point than a custom piece while enabling the client to personalize their design.  For each item in the Semi-Custom section of my Shop, there are a few examples of how others have chosen to customize the design.  Take a look at some of the most recent semi-custom designs in our shop:



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